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Irony Chapter 4

Title: Irony
Fandom: KAT-TUN/NEWS/Kanjani8
Pairing: From RyoDa <3 to RyoDa </3 to RyoDa <3 again.
Rating: PG-13 (for language), this chapter is R-ish. :D
Warning: Attempted Angst. XDDD
Summary: Ueda gave Ryo his all, and yet it turned out to be painful.
Chapter Summary: Ueda had his best Christmas ever.
A/N Minna~~Here it is. XDD Sorry if it took so long. XDD;; Thanks to rockerista03  for helping me out again. :D

A/N2. This has been edited. (04/20/2009)

He sure likes to blab today. Nakamaru thought. He has been listening to Ueda babbling about the same thing over and over again for the past 30 minutes. And what about?

"But I can't really understand him! He's been acting so weird. And it's really weird. But I don't know... But it's nice. But..."

And there he goes again. Another 30 minutes in Ueda's living room with nothing to do but listen to his friend.

But thank god, he came to a stop.

"But... I bet it's all a joke." With that, Maru looked at him in shock."I bet, he's just playing around. Yeah... Must not have high hopes on this one..."

He felt kind of sorry for Ueda, and he felt sorry for himself, too when he thought that it was another 30 minutes of listening to his friend talking about the same thing AND comforting him over and over again.

But yes, Ryo has been weird lately. First, he takes him home, then he gives him a bouquet of roses. He's been talking to him a bit more civil compared to before. He'd sit with him during the most random times, and say nothing at all. He would slap him or punch him when they meet along the corridors, and will not apologise, but smirk at him instead. He would randomly show up at Ueda's boxing gym, too. Of course, Ueda doesn't see him, but his friends there say that there has been this short guy with black hair that kept on peeping through the window. He's been recieving group messages from him, too! Those which that went like "I love you, and apart from this, I can't find anything else. -Group message". He'd also receive something like "That transparent smile that I can seemingly reach if I stretch out my hand; it even twinkles, it’s so precious that I can’t take my eyes off you baby" then he'd send another message saying "Oops. Sorry. Sent it to the wrong person." but since when did he have his number? Weird much, isn't it?


Holiday season had come. Winter was here, too. It was cold and serene. Children were playing with the snow, students wearing their winter uniforms passed by and the adults were walking carefully as if they would slip anytime. Everyone was wearing thick sweaters and whatnot, tucking their hands inside their pockets to keep them warm. The holiday breeze whispering not-so-warm words to their ears...

Well, that would apply to Ueda. The winter breeze was probably saying something like "It's just a joke..."; or maybe his mind was just playing with him.

It was the 21th day of December, which was the 5th to the last practice for the countdown. Everyone was so hyped up so they could finish early, because after that was Johnny's Christmas Party (he was kind that time). Games, food, gifts; that was what they were all after. Fun.

Rehearsals ended already, and the guys were given 30 minutes to prepare; dress up, fix the place and whatnot. Ueda, the conceited person he is (of course less than Kame), was at the dressing room putting on make-up and fixing his hair.

Knock, knock, knock

"What the hell?" Tatsuya muttered, putting down the maskara on the table. "Come in."

The door opened, and he saw Shoon's head peeping from outside. "Ueda-sempai~."


"Someone's asking what you want for Christmas. And please be quick sempai. I don't want to get killed thanks." He said with the Shoon smile plastered on his face.

Ueda was shocked at his question. "I... really haven't thought about it." He eyed the other narrowly. "Who asked?"

Shoon froze. "Ehehehehe...I'm not allowed to say, sempai. I'm gonna get fried." I should've brought Yabu or Hikaru or even Reon with me damn it. Shoon thought to himself.

He raised an eyebrow at the junior. "Just tell that person that I haven't thought about it yet."

"Anou... Can't you answer now?"

"No. Why?"

"Because I'll get killed..."

"No one would murder someone just because of some shallow reason. Now go."

"But- but- but..." He was pouting now.

Oh shit... He's giving that look already. Of course, who could resist Shoon's pout?

He thought hard of what he wanted for Christmas. From clothes to make-up, he could just buy them anywhere. Something rare; something unique; something that he can hold on forever.

"Yokoo-chan!! Look! Hiro-chan gave me a stuffed penguin!" He heard a voice coming from the corridors. Is that Fujigaya-kun?

"KAWAII! It's so cute!!" Did Yokoo-kun just squeal?

But thanks to them, an imaginary light bulb suddenly appeared above Tat-chan's head. But since I really don't like penguins that much...

"Tell that person I want a stuffed panda." Just so that I can save his ass.

Shoon gave him his Shoon smile again; this time, a smile of relief. "THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY LIFE!" And with that, he went away.

What an odd boy... Oh well.
He picked up the maskara again, and continued where he stopped.


Laughter, shrieks, screams and squeals; all from the sempais and juniors (The chibi juniors were sent home early because it was past their curfew). All that was heard during the party. Food, wrappers, confetti, cups were flying everywhere. JE sung Christmas carols filled the room as every JE boy tackled a friend of theirs, wrestling and tickling, making a laughing stock out of themselves.

All the fuss was interupted when Hina started to speak; mic near his mouth, his voice booming from the speakers. "Ahem ahem, may I have everyone's- MARU CUT THAT OUT!- attention please?"

He waited a while until everyone was settled. "Ok everyone. It's our favorite part! EXCHANGE GIFT TIME!" Everyone shouted in glee.

"Okay. Yoko and I will call out 2 bands to give their gifts to the names they picked."

"And to add some fun to it, we won't be going chronologically." Yoko added.

Hina nodded. "Yes, yes. So if SMAP-san and Hey! Say! JUMP would get called at the same time, GOOD LUCK."

"Yeah and Hina's crazy."

Hina was still nodding... "Yes, yes. Wait... WHAT?"

Shingo slapped Yoko's forehead while everyone laughed at them. "Ok. Let's start! First off is..." He scanned his eyes through the room. "Tokio and Kis-my-ft2!"

Then it went on, KAT-TUN going with Smap.

In then end, Ueda had a not-so-big number of gifts in his arms. One from each KAT-TUN member (majority of which are make-up and clothes) and one from Inoo-kun (he gave every KAT-TUN member a gift, being a KAT-TUN fanboy he is). It was kind of heartbreaking since he didn't receive anything from Ryo, although he knew that it would be impossible.

His sulking was interupted when Hina's voice once again filled the room. "Hai hai! Has everyone given their gifts now? Ok ok. Next is the fun part." There appeared Yoko with 2 cardboard boxes that are red and yellow in color respectively, similar to what they use during the Junior League.

"Ok. So we have two boxes here. Inside the yellow box is the names of each person inside this room. The other one is filled with dares; but of course it's still has something to do to what happened a while ago." He grinned evilly then added, "Let's start! First is..." He put his hand inside the yellow box and picked a piece of paper. He grinned evilly again and shouted out, "Yamashita Shoon! Bring your gifts with you!"

Shoon walked towards the front where the 2 hosts were. Hina put his hand in the red box this time, picked up a piece of paper and read its content. "Pick the worst gift you have now, and tell that person 'I don't like it.'"

"EH!?" Shoon just shouted in response.

"Do it! Do it!" Everyone said.

Shoon looked at the presents in his arms, and decided to pick the box of wasabi. "Hikaru! I don't like it!"

The room roared with laughter, gripping their stomachs and stomping their feet. Hikaru was just screaming out "HIDOYA!!" in between laughs.

"OK- ok! Let's move- on now!" Hina exclaimed, picking another name. "Yaotome Hikaru!"

Everyone swooned as Hikaru started to swagger his way towards the front. Each one kept quiet though as they watched Hina grab another piece of dare. "Make a commercial out of one of the presents given to you."

Hikaru nodded happily and stared at his presents. Smiling widely, he chose the white and brown colored plaid shorts that Yabu gave him. He put the other presents down on the floor, and lifted the garment to his face. He then immidiately put it down again, showing an exagerated smile for a photoshoot.

Then started to sing, in the tune of Arashi's Kitto Daijobu with the matching dance steps...

"Shortsy shortsy hey!" He was singing the chorus with that line ONLY, shaking his hips with the song. And of course, who wouldn't laugh at Hikaru? Once again, the room was filled with loud laughter. Then he showed his disappointed face after, making the laughing rise another level.

It took a whole minute before they could stop, and with this, Hina continued. "Tsugi wa..." He said, picking up another name. "Ueda Tatsuya-kun!"

Ueda looked at Murakami in disbelief, not really wanting to participate. But since Nakamaru was pushing him already, he had no choice. He walked in the middle as casually as possible, though the teasing (again) made it so awkward.

He watched Shingo as he picked a piece of paper from the red box, wishing that the dare was something not as humiliating as Hikaru's dare.

The host spoke. "Say the name of the person whom you want to receive a gift from."

Oh shit. Now he's in big trouble. I can't just say it...

"Ni... Ni..." He stuttered, playing with the hem of his shirt nervously.

"Nika-chan?" Senga asked out of the blue.

No answer. Tatsuya was biting his lower lip now...

"Nino-kun?" That was Ohno.

No answer. He was sweating now...

"NIshikido!!" Yamapi shouted out loud, emphasizing the 'ni'. Die Yamashita-kun.

Ueda shook his head violently. "No! No! It's not Nishikido-kun! It's-"

He wasn't able to continue what he was saying. Swoons and whatnot were too much to retort. He just went back to his seat, and sighed. That went well.


Home sweet home...

Uebo let himself fall on his bed, and stared at the ceiling once more. There was this feeling of disappointment in him that said "You should have done it! So you could know if he really hates you or not! BAKA!". He was stressed, and that tight feeling in his chest made it even harder for him.

I need to distract myself.

He sat up and reached for his bedside drawer, taking his Ipod out (with the speakers). He put it on shuffle, and tried to fall asleep, not even minding to change his clothes.


Can I love you? In this trembling night
Do it just like that... do it more... deeper...
At the grind of your lips claiming mine
I am your... Vanilla

The shifting of the bed woke him up. He opened his eyes, and he could not believe what he saw. "Nishikido-kun?"

He looked further and examined their position; he was tied up and clotheless. He looked at Ryo and saw that he was naked himself. Ueda panicked, not really knowing of what to do. He tried to think, but was stopped when he felt a tongue on his nipple and a hand on his cock.

"Ry-Ryo..." He moaned out, arching his back to feel more of that hand. Ryo was pumping his erection in a painfully quick pace. His mouth left where it was to kiss his lips, sucking and biting on the lower lip. He then shoved his tongue in hard, tasting every crevice of his mouth, making the other moan out even louder.

Can I love you? In this trembling night
Do it just like that... do it more ... faster...
Your bruising lips hurt me more when you're speaking
You and I are not... burning love

"Aaah... Harder..." Tatsuya was close; he could feel it. The way he touches him, kisses him, it was all he ever dreamed of; he felt like it was heaven.

Ryo continued to pump him hard, increasing the level of intensity. Ueda was shaking violently to the pleasure with this, and with a flick of the other's wrist, he came in his hand, screaming out incoherent thoughts along with Ryo's name.

His back fell on the bed, his arms limply hanging from the bed post. Nishikido was still on top of him, staring at him in the eyes. "Ni-Nishikido-kun?"




And he woke up to reality.

Ueda sat up abruptly, looking at his surroundings as if checking if he was still in his room. He caught sight of Eri, sitting on the floor and waving its tail happily. "Bark!"

It was a dream? He shifted to put a foot on the floor, but stopped as he noticed the sticky feeling inside his pants. He slowly unzipped his pants, and peeked a little... Then sat up straight. Oh fuck... Stupid hormones. He headpanned himself.

Ai shitemo ii kai? yureru yoru ni
Aru ga mama de ii yo motto kimi wo
Kuruoshii kurai ni nareta koshitsuki ga
Toke au hodo ni
Kimi wa...boku no...bannin da

He looked at his Ipod, raising an eyebrow as he heard Vanilla's last chorus. Very much frustrated, he shut it off angrily, then tossed it somewhere; and for the first time, he cursed Gackt. Damn you and your ero songs...


Ueda fixed himself, planning on visiting his parents for once. After his final check on the mirror, he grabbed his things and went to the door.

He opened the door and was suppose to step out if not for the life-size panda bear blocking his way.


He closed the door fast for no apparent reason at all. Am I still dreaming? He opened it again slowly, peeping through the piece of wood. It is a panda. He looked at from top to bottom, and noticed the red ribbon tied around its neck. He stepped out entirely and pulled it inside his house, making it difficult for him since it didn't fit his door.

Successfully pulling it in, Tatsuya thought of putting it inside his bedroom, knocking things on the way since it was BIG. Afterwards, he settled it on his bed and sitting beside it.

Panting, he stroked the stuffed animal's arm, and smiled. It 's so soft. He glomped it with glee and cuddled it; the softness of panda was perfect. But he suddenly, he stopped. But who the heck would give this? He looked at the ribbon, and noticed a card tied with it. He leaned closer to read what was written, which obviously made this Christmas the best Christmas Tatsuya had.

Merry Christmas Hime.


The song was Vanilla by Gackt. And because of that song, I became a Gackt fan SQUEAAA. XDDD

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  • Fic: Frozen Blue Bacardi

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